Saturday, October 07, 2006

Food, glorious food - Wellington, NZ

In my Internet wanderings I came across the blog of a couple from San Francisco (in the US) who were moving to Wellington (in New Zealand). Turns out their new apartment will be not that far from my old place, so I just couldn't help put my 2 cents in & comment on how much I miss the food & the coffee. Well, I was asked for my recommendations, so here's a selection of some of my favorites...

WARNING: It's been 5 years & a month (almost) since I came to the States, so the opinions I am about to espouse may be horribly outdated, or just plain wrong by now.

Logan Brown, corner of Cuba & Vivian St's.
Loved Logan Brown. Not somewhere I went all that often as a poor student, but the food was heaven.

Matterhorn, 106 Cuba Mall.
Was a great place to go any time of the day or night. Good food, a big wine selection, ditto for the cocktails, live music, & a lively night out.

Tupelo, 6 Edward St.
This you might need a little help to find. I think it's technically a bar, but has good food as well as a good selection of drinks. The service and the decor give a cosy & intimate to the place.

A Sampling of Malaysian...
Satay Village, 58 Ghuznee St (just round the corner from Cuba Mall).
Cheap and yummy Malaysian food. their Chicken Rendang was always a favorite of mine, & Roti Chanai.

If you want to see your roti being hand tossed & cooked all in front of you, which is pretty impressive, Roti Chanai on Victoria St between Dixon & Manners St's is the place to go.

Kopi, 106 Willis St, also has some very good Malaysian eats, it's a bit more expensive but you don't have to BYO.

A few Cafes
Midnight Espresso, 178 Cuba St - An iconic Wellington cafe, for the coffee, the hot chocolate, & all the yummy goodies they have up at the counter.

Krazy Lounge, Cuba St - I particularly remember liking their brunch a fair bit.

Clark's Cafe in the Wellington Public Library - I don't specifically remember the coffee or the food, but it was a nice place to sit and start a book you just borrowed or gaze out at Civic Square.

Nikau Gallery Cafe, at the Art Gallery, Civic Square - Good food, nice surroundings & reasonable prices considering. Outdoor dining available.

There are sooo many good cafes, & restaurants, not to mention the bars, try them all!

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