Saturday, May 15, 2010

Digital Dilemma

I'm going travelling - finally! - in August and I know I don't want to lug my old SLR film camera around. Time to go digital. I've resisted digital so far because I found the lag when taking photos too frustrating and the cost of a DSLR just too much for my meager means.
After much research I've narrowed down the contenders, any advice would be much appreciated.

1. Leica X1 Digital Compact Camera 12.1 MP

It's so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes - I kid you not.  You know the way some people get all dewy eyed about new born babies?  That's the way I am about well designed things - the perfect marriage of form and function.  (Feel free to think I'm a total nutter).  
I can find no fault with the camera - the price on the other hand... 

2.  Vivitar Digital Camera 8.1MP

I like the styling, but it only has 8MP and from reading the reviews, it's not a bad camera but neither is it that great.  It will suffer from the digital lag I so dislike, but it's a price I can afford - 

3.  Don't buy anything, just use the 3MP camera on my iPhone

It's lightweight, I'll be carrying it anyway, and requires no additional financial outlay.  However, at only 3MPs the photos won't be particularly great quality and as an SLR user I'm used to good quality prints, and prints than can be enlarged beyond the standard postcard size.

So, whadda ya think?

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